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Yuka Saso’s Parents: Fritzie Saso, Masakazu Saso, Siblings.

Image of Yuka Saso

Filipino-Japanese Yuka Saso is a former Philippine National Athlete. After giving up her Filipino citizenship, she started representing Japan for the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

Yuka is very well versed in the world of golf. Moreover, she has a rack of achievements to prove her skills.

She won most of the awards for being a representative of the Philippines. However, this gold medalist owes all the honor to her parents.

Thus, browse here to learn about Fritzie Saso, Masakazu Saso, and the golfer’s siblings.

Yuka Saso’s Parents Love Life, Marriage.

Image of Yuka Saso
Yuka, Saso is a Philippine-born Japanese professional golfer.

Everyone knows about one of the youngest golfers to win a gold medal. However, many are interested in her family.

We all want to know the love story of Yuka Saso’s parents. Unfortunately, their sweet love story is not available to the public.

Moreover, they prefer to keep out of the limelight.

Thus their love life and marriage life are out of the picture. However, they are happily married until today.

Yuka Saso’s Father: Masakazu Saso biography

Image of Yuka Saso with her father, Masakazu Saso
Yuka Saso with her father, Masakazu Saso

The golfer’s father was born in Japan as Masakazu Saso. Unfortunately, his birthdate and educational details are confidential.

However, there are claims that he is around 60 plus years old.

He did move to the Philippines for his daughter to achieve her dreams.

Moreover, he was her first coach. He was strict but is always proud of how far Yuka has come.

Thus, he usually appears in articles that show off Yuka’s matches. We can clearly say he is a supportive father.

As for his profession, it is uncertain. Therefore, these are the only available info on her dad.

Yuka Saso’s Mother Fritzie Saso’s biography

Fritzie Saso is the name of the mother of athlete Yuka. However, her birthdate and other information are not accessible. But some sources have claimed she’s around her 40s.

However, we are sure she is Filipino. Moreover, she grew up in Bulacan, Philippines. Furthermore, after the family left Japan, she raised her children in her hometown.

Regrettably, she rarely appears on social media. But, undoubtedly, she is very supportive of her daughter’s career as a golfer.

Unfortunately, these are all the info we have on her mother.

Yuka Saso’s Siblings

Some sources have mentioned the professional golfer having siblings. Perhaps, around four younger siblings.

Unfortunately, their names and information are private.

However, like their older sister, they’re also Filipino-Japanese. They were most likely born in the Philippines as well.

Yuka Saso’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Yuka Saso


June 20, 2001

Age (2022)

20 years old


San Ildefonso, Bulacan, Philippines


Professional Golfer, Athlete

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