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Yul Moldauer Parents: Orsa Moldauer, Peter Moldauer, Siblings.

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Image of Yul Moldauer a World Bronze Medalist in Gymnastics

Gymnastics prodigy Yul Moldauer is making everyone proud with his winning routines. Moreover, the young Olympian is setting the bar high for male gymnasts. The gymnast’s success would not be possible without his supportive parents, Orsa and Peter Moldauer.

In this write-up, get to know the Olympian’s amazing parents, Orsa and Peter Moldauer. Also, find out if Yul has any siblings.

Yul Moldauer’s Parents’ Love Life.

Information on Orsa and Peter’s love story is not available. They are a low-key couple who help children who do not have any means of support and love.

Moreover, the Moldauers adopted Yul, who was only three months old. Additionally, Yul was born in Korea.

Orsa and Peter are both fantastic people as they helped Yul gain confidence. Despite being in a challenging situation, Orsa and Peter did not stop until they could fully help the poor child.

Moreover, they also adopted another child from South Korea who had health issues.

Yul Moldauer’s Father Peter Moldauer Biography

Image of Yul Moldaer an Artistic Gymnast in America

Yul Moldaer an Artistic Gymnast in America

Peter Moldauer is the adoptive father of Yul. He currently runs a farm with his wife. Moreover, detailed information about him, like his birthday, is unavailable.

Furthermore, Peter never fails to show his support to his son, especially during his Gymnastics competition.

In an interview, Peter revealed that he was nervous during the junior program that his son was in. However, he is now more relaxed than his son already advanced to the senior program.

In addition, he also said he was proud of his son, and he was happy with everyone’s support of his son.

Yul Moldauer’s Mother Orsa Maldauer Biography

Image of Yul Moldauer, born In Seoul, South Korea

Yul Moldauer, born In Seoul, South Korea

Orsa Maldauer is Yul’s adoptive mother. She runs Williwaw, an agricultural product, and resource recovery business, according to her LinkedIn account.

Moreover, she went to the Art Institute of Chicago. Furthermore, Orsa was the first to see Yul’s talent in gymnastics. She watched him play on the monkey bars and saw how he would keep his legs still and straight.

Yul’s mother then enrolled in gymnastics for kids. And from then on, Yul started training to become one of the best young male gymnasts. Soon enough, he would become an Olympian gymnast representing America.

Yul Moldauer’s Siblings

Yul has three adoptive siblings. His sisters are Leah and Sorcha. Sorcha has a brain injury and dyslexia.

Moreover, there is not much information about Leah. Furthermore, he has a Korean adoptive brother whose name is Sundo.

Yul Moldauer’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name Yul Kang-Tae Moldauer
Date of Birth August 26, 1996
Profession Gymnast
Age (2022) 25 years old
Parents Orsa Moldauer and Peter Moldauer
Siblings Sundo, Leah, and Sorcha

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