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Zaila Avant-Garde Parents: Alma Heard, Jawara Spacetime Heard, Siblings

Image of Zaila Avant Garde

There is no denying that academic television shows are windows of opportunities for young kids to show the world how passionate and hardworking they are when it comes to education. Zaila Avant-Garde is one of the talented young teens declared a champion in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

She was born in the year 2007 in Harvey, Louisiana. Zaila was also interested in basketball and idolized the late Kobe Bryant. Her talent in basketball earned her awards in Guinness World Records.

Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need about the Wikipedia-like biography, identities, and love life of Zaila Avant-Garde’s mother, father, and siblings.

Zaila Avant-Garde Parents Love Life

Image of Zaila Avant Garde
Zaila Avant, Garde, the first-ever African-American to win a U.S Spelling bee

The intelligent daughter of Alma and Jawara has been the topic of media outlets since she won the prestigious competition.

However, the parents wanted to keep the spotlight on their daughter as they have decided not to share information about their love life.

Moreover, the champion’s parents seem to support the path she is taking as they are mentoring their child in the best way they can.

Zaila Avant-Garde’s Mother, Alma Heard

Image of Zaila Avant Garde with her mother, Alma Vernice Heard
Zaila Avant-Garde with her mother, Alma Vernice Heard

The mother of one of the Guinness world record holders is Alma Heard. She was present in competitions that her daughter joined in. The support she gives not just to Alma but all of her children made her appealing to the eyes of the public.

However, Alma did not want to share more personal information about herself. Our team will update this article once she has decided to release details about her.

Zaila Avant-Garde’s Father, Jawara Spacetime Heard

Fathers are genuinely amazing mentors for their child’s chosen careers. Jawara Spacetime Heard is the father of Zaila, and he played an essential role in his daughter’s achievements today.

Jawara quickly realized that his daughter’s capabilities were wide, and if she could solve complex mathematical problems, she could also excel in spelling.

Zaila said that his father was very excited about her being a champion and that he was the main artist in the artwork that she was in.

We will update this article once Jawara has shared more personal details about him on any social media platform or outlet.

Zaila Avant-Garde’s Siblings

The famous mathematician and spelling bee champion, Zaila, has three brothers: Sol Heard, Zwe Heard, and Wonder Heard.

The personal details of the champion’s siblings were not yet released to the public. Our team will try to perform in-depth research about them to know more about their details and hobbies.

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