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Zaven Collins Parents: Haley Collins, Siblings

Image of Zaven Collins

Zaven Collins is a well-known American football player who plays a linebacker position in the National Football League for the Arizona Cardinals.

Zaven was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on May 9, 1999. At 22, he was already recruited by the cardinals during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Playing at his team’s defensive line was the best position for Collins as he bagged several awards as a linebacker.

Keep reading this article if you want to know more about the Wikipedia-like biography, identities, and love life of Zaven Collins’ mother, father, and siblings.

Zaven Collins’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Zaven Collins

Zaven Collins is an American football linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL).

The rising football star was raised through solo parenting. His mother was the only one he got while growing up, and that did not affect how he treated the world.

Maybe it can be devastating not to have a father for some people, but it did not become a hindrance to him reaching his goal for Collins.

There was no available information about the love history of his parents. Despite that, we will update this article once they have decided to share more details about it.

Zaven Collins’ Mother, Haley Collins

Image of Zaven Collins with his mother, Haley Collins

Zaven Collins with his mother, Haley Collins

People say that a mother understands everything even before telling them what is bothering you, and Haley Collins did that for several years.

She did not know how to navigate the needs and wants of her child since they have different interests, as she is a woman, but judging by the personality and characteristics of Zaven.

Haley pursued a career of being a secretary in a company that specializes in interior design. She raised him well. Solo parents exert double effort to give the best for their children.

Haley dreamed of finishing her degree in college and getting a diploma, but he loved Zaven when he was still in her womb.

Zaven Collins’ Father

Collins grew up without a father, and his whereabouts are still unknown today.

Indeed, he did not have someone who taught him things that a father would teach their child.

Although his mom did an incredible job ensuring that Collins would grow up and be responsible for his choices.

Father figures are what most kids need, especially when they want a man to look up to while venturing their chosen career. Despite that, fans of Zaven say that his father was not a good role model for the football player.


The famous linebacker does not have any siblings, as reports say. We will try to update this article if we get more information about his family.

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